keeping and breeding of reptiles and tarantulas
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Hello and wellcome to MK-Exotics!!!

I started with the exotic animal hobby in 1992, I've allways been interested in these animals that so many others suit as disgusting or frightening. It all began with a tarantula, then it became more and more, finally I started breeding these animals and thus they became even more. (-;

3 years later the first reptile was added to my collection, a corn snake, followed by leopard and tokey geckos, collar lizards, bearded dragons, frogs, various insects and many other animals...

1998 followed the first giant snake, a 0.1 Python regius (I still have this female today).
2 years later Boa constrictor and Morelia viridis was added.
2005 I got my first pair of Python molurus bivittatus.

In the end I stuck with snakes, especially giant snakes.

Today I mainly care and breed various color morphs of Ball Pythons. Plus, I have a variety of tarantulas (mostly Poecilotheria, Avicularia, Ephebopus, Theraphosa and Xenesthis).

Finally I want to ask you if at all possible to buy only captive-bred animals, leave the wild caught animals and farm breeds (it's the same for me) where they are and belong, in nature. You are doing yourself and the animals a favor! Moreover, the nature is getting emptier and emptier ... and this should not really be the meaning of our hobby. On my homepage there are solely captive bred animals for sale!

Have fun browsing...

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